Friday, September 2, 2011

Survival Bucket

This is the bucket that you will put all non-perishable gear - keep it in your vehicle filled with all the necessary items. 
The main use will be as a potty.  The right size plastic bags tied on the outside with a bunge cord will make a great holding tank.  You can buy flip toilet seats to fit on the buckets.  Down it served as a camp seat.  Up it's a potty.  The bags should be heavy duty so the inside of the bucket should be fairly clean and reusable.  It can be used to carry wood to the campsite, water for washing.  Keeping fish alive temporarily, carrying ice when available and of course storing everything in when not in use.  Sturdy enough to be a step stool.   Carrier for small animals.  Decorating fun for kids and adults  Turned over it could hold a candle, be a small table, or a flat surface to use cutting board.  Without a hatchback, flat surfaces are hard to find.

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