Friday, September 2, 2011

Hooks, line and sinkers - emergency fishing gear

Real fishermen will have a tackle box complete with everything they need and a pole already in the car.  This is not for them.  I need a large assortment of hooks.  Lots of line - different weights and a pile of lead sinkers - maybe a bobber or two.  Or I found a great product called paracord used in parachutes that is strong, made of many smaller threads and easily taken apart for different grades of fish line.  This would give you 1 multipurpose item rather than several to keep track of.  Keep it simple is my goal.

Also I need a fishing "how-to" book. 

My pole will be multipurpose.  A plastic telescoping mop handle.  Use it as a Tom Sawyer willow fishing pole with string tied on the end. I never could master a rod and reel.  Being left handed didn't help.  More on this mop handle later.

I never fished much but did learn a few survival pointers:

- Bait can be found anywhere.  food scraps, caterpillars may flies, bees, corn, fish eyes and guts, grasshoppers and dough

- Most docks have sunfish and garbage fish swimming in abundance around them.  These fish are small -3"to 5".  and need to be scaled but are fairly easy with a pliers and scaling knife.  Clean, cut off heads and fry like trout.  lots of bones but they are fairly soft - and it takes 7 or 8 for a mess. Put a piece of corn on a small hook.  You will have a fish almost as soon as you drop it in the water.  Use all parts of the fish.  Leftover bones and head can be used for chowder.

- Eat carp.  In my bucket will be a pressure cooker.  Cooked that way it tastes like tuna and all the small bones are softened enough to eat.  There is a "mud line" that should be removed but my book will give directions on how to do that.  Smoked is always a great way for these oily fish.  Haven't thought of having smoking equipment in my bucket.

- Trade.  Others won't be as prepared as you.  Trade hooks, line (you'll have enough to spare) and fish.  We got several nice steak dinners by trading grouper that my son caught while living in the Bahamas..

- Fish can be cooked on an open grill, baked in foil, turned on a spit, shish-ka-bobs or in desperation eaten raw.  It can be dried in the sun, smoked or canned in pint jars for future use.  I must keep in mind that there will be no ICE.  Couldn't I get a small 12  volt boat refrigerator to fit in my bucket?  I doubt it.

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