Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stuck on the Interstate?

Privacy with Auto

I wrote about the plastic bucket and it's uses but not about privacy and how to get it.  If you are stranded on the interstate or a busy parking lot with lots of folks around here's what you should have on hand:

- 2 sets of covers for each of your car windows.  Black plastic for winter to heat, reflective mylar for summer to cool.  Precut allowing 1/12" around the edges.  Label each piece for easy access and place in zip lock bags.
- magnetic strip or refrigerator magnets - enough to hold the shades both top and bottom.
- telescoping pole
- 2  pinch clamps
- Tarp, blanket or opaque plastic or cloth sheet

Cover the outside of the windows of car with appropriate material.  Secure with enough magnets to hold in place depending on weather conditions.   Open both front and back door of one side.  Clamp telescoping pole to top outer edge of car doors, throw the blanket over the pole and use your bucket in complete sitting privacy.  (nothing I can do about the tall guy in the next car)  You will be the envy of all your new found stranded friends.

For two-door cars and pick-ups - have strong magnet to attach sheet to roof of cab in rear and tie other end to top outer door window and it's almost as good as a four door.

Comfort during Adverse Conditions

Supplies:  Refrigerator magnets
                Mosquito netting
                Damp Rid
                Hot or cold window treatment packs (see Privacy with Auto blog)
                Bags for holding waste
                Bunge cord to hold bag on bucket

I talked about black or reflecting Mylar for hot or cold weather in my Privacy blog so will skip that.

For ventilation in hot weather with excessive bugs you can open car windows and use mosquito netting on side windows.  Cut pieces to fit windows, label them and secure them outside with magnets.  Open windows as wide as you wish.

For rain, close windows except for small cracks for ventilation and use Damp Rid to reduce condensation and moisture in a confined space.  Can be bought at Walmart.  Buy the bag with salts not the tub.  Uses less room in the bucket and really lowers the humidity.

Keep all items for car comfort and privacy handy at the top of your bucket if possible.  However to use the bucket you will have to empty it so take out what you'll need - stove, fuel, cooking and eating gear, books or Kindle, cards, etc and stuff the rest in the mesh bag ready to be replaced easily when you're ready to move.


  1. Very useful tips that I would have never thought of. Thanks.


  2. you ladies haven't posted in TWO YEARS!! does that mean you haven't 'survived'??